Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Japan. HAARP. The truth is out there

I’d like to spread the truth, which is apparently out there.

The earthquake in Japan has invoked a tempting tension among the people. The tension is stronger than the tension of those earth plates which caused the apocalypse.

The Riders of the Apocalypse saddled their carnivorous horses and gazed hard at all mankind.

Indeed, this didn’t evade those who posses a special gift to unveil truth, conspiracy and future, compared to us normal people.

They raced along the shadows of the earthquake victims to quickly inform everyone that the world as we know it is an illusion and seeing that we are scared of their truth, they will identify it for us.

Because they know it and they are not afraid.

They point their apocalyptic fingers towards the HAARP system, installed in Alaska.

Undoubtedly a fearful weapon in the hands of illuminates, rockefelas & rotschilds, vestured
in white velvet gloves, provoking quakes in Chile or Haiti, was finally able to hit Japan
wanting to get rid off WWII reparations.

We learn with our eyes wide open the details of global conspiracy, which leads us behind
the borders of our imagination - maybe even behind the borders of our Universe.

The HAARP signal will fade in by ionosphere (VTF), electromagnetic waves in the
range of 2MHz - 12MHz will propagate brutally a few miles through the ocean (VTDF) and
vibrate the world in the same manner as a piano tuner (VTTF).

The lunatics will explain brilliant negation of physical laws by omnipresent rotschild & bilderberg and also some funny videos on YT can be used. Those videos can be today created by 12 year old kids, but who cares.

Indeed, there is another theory as well. It says the quake has been invoked by a vibrator of Rita Skeeter as she fell asleep during the session and consequently forgot to switch the machine off.
Both conspiracy theories posses the same level of credibility.

The Riders of the Apocalypse place their trumpets to their mouth and blow. They will get back 3MW discharge of HAARP as an echoed answer.

Riders´ moon-faces bones start vibrating and in place of mankind assault, they sweep down on UFO.
UFO are a peace-loving nation - riders have no issue and easily cut lovely ETs to pieces and
sell them to global conspiring banks and this will resolve currently ongoing financial crises.

This theory is in line with current human theory of knowledge - but, it is also a dangerous theory and people are afraid of it, as exactly these facts are concealed by global world establishment & mainstream.

"Oraculum, we are here to discontinue you by decree of the Roman emperor Theodosius
and we have one last question."

"Umhh, and what’s that?"

"Is anything going to happen when we terminate you?"

"Fucking nothing."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

UFO landed - End game

I walked out from the office

I saw them landing. Their futuristic space cruisers gently touching the ground.

I was not in an "alien friendly" mood. UFO hoax pisses me off the same way as national movement warriors, conspiracy theories or managers, who float above all working people.
I was afraid, that they would approach me with their arms full of eternal spacial love.
I wandered away, into deserted plains of Madrid suburbs, climb ov
er the hill and got into the bar.
There was a man with tattoo all over, a skeleton face behind the glass and two rattlesnakes.
I felt good.
I wrote some slimy poetry and fell out.

Aliens already started to spread havoc on the streets.
It arrived to me.
"I am an UFO and I bring you eternal love from
the sky," said and gave me his dead, wet, cold, fish like small hand.
I passed him by, paying no attention to his prolonged bullshit speech.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clash with police

The sun was shining. I headed towards my car. Then I realized the door was open. What the fuck, I must have left it open yesterday… shit… I must have been pretty drunk… oh well, that means everything’ll be completely cleared out.
Some legs were sticking out of the car.
I saw a man going through the glove department.
I couldn’t believe it, fucking asshole, WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS!!!
I got pissed.
I ran to the car.

I had no idea what I was going to do. I grabbed the door and slammed it as hard as I could. The man inside was trapped. He began to scream in pain. I was holding onto the door and almost not breathing. NOW WHAT!? I watched the man inside the car. I assumed he’d try to push on the door from the inside but he wasn’t at all. Instead he was looking for something in his breast pocket. Oh fuck, he’s reaching for a gun!!
He was having a hard time doing it though because his body was caught between the door and the car frame.
I looked up at the window of a house above. Something was going on there. I saw the old lady who lives gesticulating.
I looked back in the car. The guy was pulling his hand out of his breast pocket.
I leaned on the door with all my strength to cause him as much pain as possible.
The guy was screaming but eventually managed to pull his hand out. He was holding an ID. The letters read: Police of the Czech Republic. Another guy appeared in the building window and said:
“Police, hands up!”
He said it just for the heck of it because he didn’t have a gun.
Jesus fucking Christ… NO… I can’t believe this, what the hell’s going on…
I released the door and the man tumbled out of the car.
He leaned against the car and said:
“Your ID, driving license, and registration from the car.”
He put his ID back in his pocket, so I had no idea if he was a cop or a thief.
Because I grew up in a police state, I began to cooperate immediately.
They went through my information for a while. Meanwhile I found out that the old lady I saw in the window knew them and was their friend… they managed to get me where I belong, on the defensive, they were threatening to take the car away because it wasn’t locked… and some other bullshit.
“And what were you looking for in the glove department?”
“Anything,” the cop answered.
I registered his look towards his buddy and my knees buckled under me. He wasn’t taking anything from there, he was PUTTING THERE something!
They realized that I realized.
“All right, here’re your papers, next time, keep your doors locked… lock your little car,” said the one I had pinched with the door not that long ago.
They disappeared around the corner. I looked up to the apartment window where one of them was before. I saw the silhouette of the old lady behind the curtain. I’m sure she was the one who called them, she wants to destroy me for some weird reason, they planted drugs in my car or something else… and in few seconds different cops with sirens will rush to the scene, and I’ll be fucking SCREWED.
I jumped inside of the car and opened the glove department. Nothing. Then under the seats. Nothing. In the doors. Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. I calmed down. I heard a siren, it was getting closer. I felt a jabbing in my heart. That’s it, this is the end. Eight years for drug dealing, no parole. My whole body trembling, I was feverishly trying to find out where they put it…
And WHO is it that wants to destroy me???
A police car emerged from behind the corner. I knew that if I farted at that point, I’d definitely shit in my pants.
The car passed by. Nothing happened, the cops weren’t even looking outside. I stood alone on the street once again.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


DererBand played in the czech rock bar Na Slamniku on Monday, 10.12.2008.
DererBand still doesn't have a percussionist, but does have a dancer.
That's very good.

DererBand plays around one hour. Those songs are fairly funny, sound like mix of James Blunt, Madonna and Motorhead. But it's mix of Derer, Mandelik(guitar) and Mach.

The crowd were by the bar, and other people dancing.

We kept in mind the importance of the DATE so we performed our best. best. dot.

If we rip the text apart, we get over Challenge Yourself never be me up to the catchiest refrain: Esta nuestra calle, no venderan, Esta nuestra calle, no pasaran.

Our aggressive, no-compromise attitude made DererBand one of the instigators of the developing CZ pub rock scene, but our idiosyncratic approach rarely follows any single musical genre with the group exploring a variety of musical styles including electro, latin, punk rock, gothic rock, and new wave through to the pop

From Charlie, water blue eyes and big belly up to poetic Had to kill her.

From Mexico city, band will take us through the jungle by it's dead percussion up to Argentina, where everybody has got Camisa negra with Honey.

Honey is made of an old stupid rhyme honey-money, which is propably still an expression for a sense of life for someone. Yes.dot.

Funny man, underlined by it's apparent absurdity and a genre obscurity, would set out on the trip to rape Little girls into Czech republic.

Meditative Road can't save a total crash of the decadence.

Only if everybody would sing Challenger, sandwiches and bitches...


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Letters from Ireland

My dear, I've been writing these notes during my journey to make the best of the flight from Prague to Dublin.
And than I´ve continued writing too...
I always write a diary, maybe once I become a novel writer!
My visit to the country of patriots is not accidental. Certainly you remember, my dear,when we talked about patriotism and love for a nation.
An when I said the Irish whiskey is the best.

I don't drink Irish whiskey, rather I do sympathize with these people. Nation who loudly and clearly voted against European euthanasy & anarchy.
Against demons of a new dictate of social para-intellectuals.
I love these folks who love that whiskey.
I feel like one of them.
But, that's enough...

I met the prime minister yesterday. I've asked him whether he plays tennis.
He answered NO, but complained about his nickname.
My dear, I've got no clue of what does that mean...BIFFO. (big,ignorant, f...er,from Offaly)
But I told him I feel to be a Biffo too.
Perhaps it means... irish dissident, and I feel like such a dissident too!
Than he said some call him also Gruffalo.(grumpy, rude, uncensored, f...er,from, around,Laois, Offaly)

I delighted him saying I fell to be a Gruffalo too.

Than I lost interest. I told him I lost interest to talk to him, because he said he lost interest to talk to me before.
I called my old buddy from Russia, Declan, remember...?

I know him a long time, he is an excellent fellow. We met first when he funded the biggest lumbering company in Russia.
Already by that time I enjoyed him telling smart about his love for Russians and their forests.
It's impressive he also makes a great business with American army. He made more than 200MUSD like that!
Consider this, my dear!

We could buy our own castle for such a cash!

He is a real dissident and I will always join such a dissidents.

I am drawing to a close...

Ahhh, I am tired of being alone in my battle.

But don't worry, my dear.


Monday, October 20, 2008

In a swimming pool shower room.

In a gloomy brightness of tile walls of the biggest Prague swimming pool...

Young, old, fat, slim, dark, nut brown or white.
Noise of showers echoes from the bodies and penetrates into bones.

Man sits in front of steambath and reads a newspaper. Other man staggers around and gabbles inapprehensible words.

A snake start crawling on the ground tiles. It's not a snake, but a water hose used by a maintenance man.

All of the sudden, water starts spraying from the snake body.

I move a bit away.

Water sprays the newspaper, but man keeps reading.

A maintenance man arrives. He cleans up his glasses and check the problem. Somehow, he is not able to fix it. Water sprays all around.

Propably some sealing...

I observe carefully, what's going to happen.

All of the sudden, the man stand up and screams: "FUCK!" In the very same moment he throws the hose wildely towards the tile floor.
Water sprays up to the ceiling.

Man with newspaper keep reading. Water is turning paper wet.

The hose starts sweeping around like a monster. Spit out water all around.

Allways the same, the inferno comes.

Maintenance man lean down to the monster. Immediatelly, he's drenched throug. He sees nothing as the monster managed to sweep over his glasses.

He grabs the monster, throws it wildely towards the tile floor and shouts: "FUCK"

Man with the newspaper rise his eyebrow. He's got his news dead drenched.

Other man goes by and gabbles. I hear a word "genitals..." He's got huge red wounds on his back.

Somebody stand right beside me and observe monster and maintenance man wrestling. Monster-snake winning...

"Fun house" he breathes out and leaves.

I move towards the showers. Someone beside me vocalize sounds like a wild boar.
He soap himself, than lies down and start tossing himself around and grunting.

I check what's up with the monster.

Totaly drenched maintenance man explains to the man with the newspaper he needs sealing.

Man looks at him with an amazement.

Water is all over.

Wild boar on the ground keeps tossing himslef over the tile floor and than shout out: "FUCK!" The shout echoes from the tile walls like a thunderstroke
with no chance to stab anywhere.
I move to drier room.

A man stands ahead of drier and pounds his head at the wall.He keeps gabbling work "genitals."

Warm wind.

Man comes and look at my eyes.

"Haven't you seen my bag, have you?"

I look at him.

Sadly, he sinks his eyes and leaves.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some kind of mugging

A figure jumped from the cliff. It was a man and he had a knife. He had a big advantage because we were in slow-mo but he was as fast as lightening.
Suddenly, John had the knife at his throat.

I glanced at the cliff, the woman, who was there just few seconds ago was gone, and instead there was a man. I felt time swirling all around me.
“I’m nuts, I’ll kill you!” shouted the man with the knife. Other than that, he wore just a pair of dirty boxers.
“I must be nuts,” I said unintentionally.
“I don’t care about nothing!”
I saw the knife on John’s throat, so I began handing over my things. I didn’t feel sorry for them at all. I was curious what would come next. John handed over his backpack.
Suddenly, another man showed up and told us not to make any stupid moves, otherwise he’d kill us. I had no desire to make any such moves, so everything was just dandy.
“Just to get some chow,” said the Robin Hood as he gave me back my credit cards and IDs.
“Hey, gimme back by backpack,” said John. Jesus fucking Christ, John, this is no joke, it’s a mugging, I was mumbling quietly to myself. To my surprise, Robin Hood grabbed the backpack and gave it back to John.
“So, gringos, this time you get off pretty cheap, but next time…!!” warned Robin Hood. He took the cash and disappeared. Where, I have no idea. He just suddenly wasn’t there. The same with the other man.
We looked at each other and time was once again running at normal speed.
“Did you see that? What was it?”
“Some kind of mugging, I guess.”
We were a few dollars lighter but otherwise nothing. Not even a scratch.
“Goddamnit, we should have fought,” I thought for a moment.
“Fuck no, it’s not worth it.”
“That’s true, but… uhh,” some fucking stupid pride was emerging in me, everybody’s a general after the battle.
And than...,we decided to go drinking in Salvador, one of those best places to have a fun in Brasil.